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Children's massage is not only a prevention of various diseases but also a way to treat a child, aiding in their development.

It is recommended to have 3 courses in the first year of life.

  1. First - at 2-2.5 months. We work with the features of intrauterine development, with the specifics of the childbirth process. We prevent uneven muscle development and age-appropriate skills.
  2. Second - at 5-5.5 months. This course is aimed at teaching the baby traditional crawling. Preparing the body for the baby to crawl, then sit."

3. Third course - after the baby has started standing with support (around 9-11 months). We observe the body's development and prepare for walking.

Pediatricians recommend conducting general pediatric massage for little children, which helps in the development of the child's muscle and bone tissue. The sessions include therapeutic, strengthening, developmental techniques, plus elements of gymnastics.

Anika works in the capital region of Finland, offering home visits or gladly welcoming you to her cozy studio on Mäkelänkatu (Helsinki).

Why Anika?

Massage therapist - Anika, a mother of three children, has many years of experience in pediatric massage, all necessary certificates, education, and hundreds of reviews from grateful parents.

Anika collaborates with osteopaths from Finland and Estonia. She refers babies if developmental peculiarities are detected during the massage process.

We work in the capital region of Finland with home visits or would be pleased to welcome you to our cozy studio at Mäkelänkatu (Helsinki).

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